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By Paul Copan

In our relativistic society, Christians greater than ever are bombarded by means of tricky questions about their religion. writer Paul Copan has saw that a lot of those questions end up "anti-truth claims" which are a part of modern day skeptical state of mind.

Christians protecting their religion usually pay attention slogans and questions such as:
Ž it is all relative
Ž every thing is one with the Divine; all else is illusion
Ž The Gospels contradict every one other
Ž Why could an exceptional God create hell?

This publication presents incisive solutions to slogans relating to fact and truth; theism, pantheism/Eastern faith, and naturalism; and doctrinal concerns corresponding to the incarnation and fact of Scripture. all the twenty-two chapters offers succinct solutions and precis issues for countering the arguments.

Copan's publication is offered for all Christians who are looking to guard the plausibility of Christianity on the market of principles. additionally it is important precis sections, extra assets, and extra documentation within the endnotes for evaluation and dialogue.

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